Day 10 – Think Big

In today’s post I share two things that’ve had a huge impact on my business success…

I also share two personal stories about how the two tips have helped me exceed my expectations and reach my goals faster…

Check out the video below!

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66 comments to Day 10 – Think Big

  • Mario Soto  says:

    Happy New Year 🙂 Blessings to your Family.

  • Russell  says:

    As you can probably tell I’m binge watching to catch up.
    Thinking BIG and reverse engineering is pure genius thank you Aidan. We can all think (talk) big but putting a big plan in to action was a lot harder until now – reverse engineering and using the “ULTIMATE Planning System” is the answer.
    Can’t wait to get an insight on Blackbird I’ve been beavering away on Amazon for nearly three years and have three products up and running but can’t seem to get much over $2k/month. I’ve been looking/researching for a couple of new products but having real difficulty nailing down new products – will Blackbird help me with this?

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Hey Russell, more coming about BlackBird soon 🙂

  • Lisa Johnson  says:

    Thanks Aiden, wise words and excellent advice.

  • Ranco  says:

    Thanks Aiden love it!

  • Kokea Logo  says:

    Looking forward to learn more good stuff from you guys…thanks heaps

    • Paradee Thomas  says:

      I love the content of this video. It is very encouraging. I will now be on a look out for that lizzard brain of mine and tell it to be quiet! Thanks Aidan.

  • Andy  says:

    Starting to get curious about the bootcamp. Great to hear your inspirational success stories Aiden.

  • Raddie  says:

    Aidan and Steve certainly have the very best tools which are available anywhere for applying the “Think Big” philosophy because they are built for handing over sub-accounts to co-workers, and the outsourcing which thinking big usually also requires. For example, Kudani Cloud. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in 2017!

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Glad you think so Raddie! Thanks!

  • Tony Gill  says:

    I like Aiden’s idea of Think Big for 2017 and beyond.

    There is no certainty in life and when change comes we fear the consequences eg, Google updates like Panda or more globally Brexit and Trump as President. Being ready to move out of your comfort zone means being prepared for the opportunities that will emerge from changes. We need to use fear or fear of change as the prompt for action in a positive way.

    A Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all.

  • Paradee Thomas  says:

    Thinking big will definitely help us overcome the fear of change and the fear of the unknown. Let us all step out into the New Year with courage and big dreams! The universe will have to yield to our intention and organise the events, people, places and things to help us achieve our goals.

  • Neil Tribe  says:

    Hi Aidan,

    Big insight there. We are driving from the south of England up to the Scottish Borders tomorrow. Then it’s full speed ahead with my plans. And first day will finish with the boot camp!

    Here’s a reminder for everyone about the myth of job security. My sister got a text from her employer yesterday, (New Years Day) informing her that she is being made redundant…

    Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2017! 🤗


  • JohnH  says:

    Excellent advice, reminds me of a project I need to kick into gear.

  • Miriam mdc  says:

    Great idea!

  • Lady Yvette  says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Aiden.

    Lately, when I recognize that fear of moving forward, I quickly deem it to be my ego.

    I used to get upset with its sabotaging characteristics, but I no longer do that. I come to understand it better, and I realize that the ego can only look at things from a perspective of what may (or may not) have happened in the past. It tries to scare you about the future based on past programming or past experiences.

    I guess that is why we are told to get away from the past and stay in the ‘NOW’ (or the Present). When you’re in the ‘now’, the ego tends to disappear.

    I now take the advice of the Late, Great Dr. Wayne W. Dyer to just observe the ego as opposed to judging or criticizing it. As a result, I am understanding much more about my fears, my thoughts and my reaction and everything else that follow them.

    Setting goals can sometimes be a little intimidating, but ACTION is indeed the great reducer or eliminator of the FEAR!

    I now write down daily goals and I take inspired action towards those goals daily, even when I sometimes don’t know exactly what to do. By taking action, I lose focus on the fear and ideas start to stream through my mind.

    I now can see some light at the end of that long dark tunnel in which I have been stuck for so long.

    The net result is, finally, I can confidently I declare 2017 to be my best year yet!

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Action, and living in the ‘now’, solve many many problems 🙂

  • Neil Basford  says:


    Great thinking point today.
    I noticed your unique screen height adjuster on your desk, must be an apple special device…ha! ha!


    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Haha, yes, very sophisticated isn’t it!

  • Julie H  says:

    Thank you for the inspiration and also the practical information you provide for us. 🙂

  • Julie H  says:

    @ Lady Yvette – I didn’t know that Wayne Dyer had died. I met him years ago and he emanated a strong caring spiritual energy. His work has been uplifting for many.

  • Abdulrahim  says:

    Great inspiration, Aidan ! Indeed If your Dream dont scare you enough, Then it ain’t worth that Big dream. Another marvelous and splendid thought leant. A big kudos to you guys..

  • Angel  says:

    Thank-you for the great inspiration in this video.I have a feeling your boot camp training is going to be totally awesome and a game changer for many.Keep up the great work.

  • Daniel  says:

    Thanks Aidan, Happy New Year, much success to all you guys!

  • Alexis Najarro  says:

    Not gonna win anything, am I? ;-;

  • John  says:

    Thanks, Aidan, Great thought, and reasoning.

  • Victoria  says:

    Thinking big and reverse engineering is a great way to set yourself up to grow in all aspects of life. Have listened to my lizard brain way too much. Time for a change. It’s now or never!

  • Aidan and Steve  says:

    Thanks for all the comments guys, as we keep saying, we read them ALL, and truly appreciate hearing all your feedback!

  • Erica  says:

    I remember you telling this story a few years ago when you were on a cruise ship in Asia somewhere, has stuck with me since! Great to hear it again. All the best to you and your families in 2017!

  • CJ  says:

    “Shoot for the stars, if you get to the moon, you’ve done okay”.. something like that anyway 🙂 I’m a believer in thinking big, but like everyone, I struggle to push outside my comfort zone. Thank you Aidan for this reminder.

  • Marcia Schwanger  says:

    I know what you say is true. I am so nervous about doing something wrong with this BPA because of our debt and our “house of cards” come tumbling down (as my husband calls it). But I believe you two truly care about guiding your students and want to see them succeed!
    I am focusing on action steps and a plan to keep moving forward so that this time next year, we will have a big smile on our faces!
    Thanks for caring, for your guidance and all the available tools!

  • CB  says:

    Scaling is huge! Find something that works and duplicate.

  • Kirsten S  says:

    I tend to start out “Thinking Big” but usually with “generic” unrealistic goals (example: “I’m going to be a millionaire by the end of 2016!!!” ). Well I didn’t really believe this and I certainly didn’t reverse engineer a plan to achieve this (and I didn’t win the lottery 😉)… But 2017 will be different! With the planning ideas Steve and Aidan shared I am making realistic “Big” goals with baby steps (example: I will make $xxx dollars a day on my internet businesses so I can fund my Nomadic lifestyle)…

  • Lisa  says:

    Lizard brain…who knew?! Here’s to beating back Lizard Brain and moving forward every day. Love the content in these videos. Thanks for sharing.

  • Caryn Condon  says:

    I apologize for not writing a comment each day, however, I recently had surgery on my dominant hand. Thus, I’m extremely inefficient typing with only one hand, and although I’m using voice activated texting to create this comment, it’s still not as fast or efficient as typing is.

    All the videos have been great. Excellent advice on each of them.

    Thanks for the 12-week planning system. That’s something I will definitely implement this year.

    Thanks also for the reminder that failure is merely a short detour on your road to success, and that most fears are irrational.

    I greatly appreciate the video on thinking big. I’ve hesitated creating any lofty goals because I’ve been so far behind reaching any of my goals. But, I finally had my first sale on Christmas eve. The product should be delivered to my customer this Friday, January 6th. – Woo Hoo! So your video was perfect timing to start thinking BIG again!

    Additionally, thanks for all the training and the opportunity to learn how to create an online business.

    I’ve owned and sold several businesses, however, I never thought about doing it again until I learned about your program.

    Having an online business eliminates many of the hassles of owning a “brick and mortar” operation. It also creates many freedoms:
    * time (work whatever hours and days you like),
    * earnings (limited only by standards you impose upon yourself),
    * location (work wherever you like because you’re not imprisoned by a building),
    * corporate politics (no longer exposed to coworkers who are jealous or to a boss who imposes unattainable goals and has unreal expectations)
    * job security (fear of losing your job no matter how well you are performing or how loyal you are to your company)
    * destination (ability to create your own future).

    A big thank you to Aidan and Steve!

  • Sean Mahon  says:

    Hey Aidan – another great piece of content and very thought provoking once again!I’m really enjoying these shares from you and Steve and looking forward to the forthcoming Bootcamp and hearing more about BlackBird! Cheers guys! 🙂

  • tomer cohen  says:

    Aiden – Great video, it lines up with your schedule planning! think big do big!
    you are a great inspiration for me..

    I sure hope to be the WINNER for tomorrow as the price tomorrow for me is priceless!!!
    Blackbird Rocks!

  • Alain D.  says:

    Excellent and Very Helpful tips, Aidan! Thinking BIG and Acting strategically Outside of our Comfort Zone. Two things that without them, growth is virtually impossible. Thank You Aidan! This is on-point. I’m IN. Let’s Do This!!! 🙂 2017,….The Best is yet to come.

  • Hollis Pirkey  says:

    Thinking big gets me out of bed. Thanks Aiden.

  • Lisa Preston  says:

    So lovely to hear someone speak about the amygdala it’s purpose and how it affects our stress and anxiety. I think when people understand that it really really helps him to push through and keep going. Awesome video

  • Kit  says:

    Crazy how we can stay in a comfort zone we don’t even like! Thanks for another great video and reminder to just expect the lizard brain to do its job but don’t let it stop us.

  • Wendel  says:

    Great Stuff as usual. I’m really enjoying the 12 day series. Thanks for caring about your audience.

  • Terri  says:

    Enjoyed today’s video. I have always thought big. My issue is implementing one thing at a time, rather thinking I can do it all! Look forward to more info from you guys. A little behind as snow took out our Internet!
    A Happy New Year to All!

  • Thea  says:

    Hi Aidan, I thought I had big goals. But you thought by far bigger!!! This gives me the courage to do it also. 2017 will be my best year 🙂 and one of the reasons is your guidance.

  • Teresa Brook  says:

    Thank you for this video. Good inspiration for the New Year!

  • Marj  says:

    Excellent guys! Thanks.

  • Kim  says:

    Awesome – would love these 4-10 min vids on a daily basis – very inspirational

  • Elaine  says:

    That’s the Answer! Two great points that go hand in hand.
    I need to work more on “Mindset”!
    These Concise training videos are a gold mine!
    Thank You!

  • Caro McCourtie  says:

    Thanks Aidan & Steve, I am still to catch up on all of the videos as my time is devoted to my parents right now – I messaged you Aidan on what’s going down. Not the most festive of seasons. I’d heard the Lizard Brain analogy before, and apart from loving lizards a lot (they’re so cute!), I’d never associated it with myself, being naturally wired to the positive. However I think the exhaustion I feel with all on my personal plate, and a difficult year prior to that has revealed that I truly do have a Bearded Dragon at the back of my head! It feels almost too hard to set goals and be excited about them – AND I know it comes down to choice, and I think my positive wiring will kick in once we start to make headway with the family stuff going on which is my singular focus by choice right now. My goal and hearts desire is to see a positive outcome there – so I guess, I am thinking BIG there, because the main person concerned continues to inspire me with how they manage numerous health set backs and still feel ‘lucky’ and determined to conquer the seeming insurmountable, even at their advanced age.

  • Guy Reynolds  says:

    Great training again.On January 4 I turn 64 so I need to kick some big goals and get out of my comfort zone as time available for achievement starts to lessen. Many thanks for your insights.

  • Kai  says:

    Aidan, Funny you should mention Halloween costumes. That was my first foray into IM and that’s when I first heard about you in Brian’s course. It wasn’t actually that long ago.

    At the time I thought, how does this guy have 1,000+ sites when I’m having trouble building out 10 sites? Back then, SEO was SO much easier. You could keyword stuff the heck out of the content and meta and rank easily. Alas, the very next calendar year, Google started unleashing their animals and the rest is history.

    So I think the other lesson here is… to be able to do IM long-term, you also have to be adaptive and embrace frequent change. Be able to ride the wave, survive the peaks and valleys and not to get too down during the down-spikes. Every time you experience a down, there’s a chance to rise back to the top.

    Btw, this is my fourth 12daygiveaway and I always look forward to what you and Steve have to put out. Always useful and motivating.


  • Laurie  says:

    Think BIG, Keep moving forward, and shut that lizard brain down!

  • Blossom  says:

    LOVE this – it just shows that we are only limited to our minds and our imagineering!!!
    Thanks Aidan for another great video and love the direct simplicity of it!

  • Susan Ripley  says:

    Trying to catch up on all the videos now. Can’t wait to hear about Blackbird…

  • Amy  says:

    Great advice Aidan. Thanks.

  • Bonnie Sholtz  says:

    Aidan you are absolutely right on the thinking BIG. Changing your way of thinking is a true positive approach to anything. I was just thinking this morning. Ah crap a full week back at work from the shorten weeks due to holiday shut down. BUT I STOPPED that thought and said ok here is where I start a new day with a new agenda to getting my 12 weeks plan into effect. As you can see just changing this thought from ah work to YES NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION ON A BETTER LIFE PLAN! Changed my insight to the day. 🙂

    Thanks as always to Aidan & Steve for showing us that there is light at the end of the tunnel!

  • Paul  says:

    I really enjoyed this the power of thinking big and a reminder about outsourcing and how cheap it is let’s rock n roll into 2017

  • J Farnsworth  says:

    Thanks for the thoughts about thinking big. Reverse engineering helps to turn big goals into bite size goals.

  • Gil  says:

    Serious “giveaway” insights and guidance. Thank You Aidan and Steve

  • Dino  says:

    I need to kill my lizard brain. Thanks!
    “Feel the fear and do it anyway!”

  • Tami  says:

    Thanks, Aidan! If I need to go to another level I have to ignore the negative part of my brain

  • Richard Read  says:

    Very inspiring as usual Aidan. Thank you very much!

  • Thomas  says:

    Great content! I’m learning to think big!

  • Tamara B  says:

    I have a well developed amygdala replete with a very strong knee jerk reaction and inability to think beyond what’s working to try something new that may also work, work better, or progress me forward. Time to develop a dream-big-dola with a very strong imagine it, take the next little step into it (step, no need to try to jump over an mountain), then look around and see what great places that takes me response.

  • Amber Westover  says:

    Thanks for the insights.

  • BonnyQgqhdwi  says:

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    Writing manually is time consuming, but there is tool for this task.
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