Day 11 – The ONE Thing You Can Do In 2017 To Be Successful

Welcome to Day 11 of the 12 Day Giveaway!

Tomorrow we wrap this madness up with our Build A Business Bootcamp.

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Today I share the SINGLE thing you can do to be successful in 2017, check out the video below: 


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63 comments to Day 11 – The ONE Thing You Can Do In 2017 To Be Successful

  • Scott  says:

    Great points Steve.

    Being part of a community can certainly reduce or eliminate days, weeks, or years of frustration as well as the feeling of uncertainty.

    I’m looking forward to a great 2017!

  • Dushan Vaithilingam  says:

    Solid Advice for success in 2017 from Steve !

  • Roy Harrison  says:

    Thanks a lot for both of your efforts and your concluding discussion I agree with the joint efforts , helping one another, which is primarily why I am here . Ships operate with a crew the Captain is the leader of teamwork effort . Keep up the good work and the communication 2with us all ! 2017 we are underweigh !!

  • astara Trappmann  says:

    It’s been an inspiration to recieve nuggets from 2 successful entrepreneur..
    Since I got 100k factory, it has been a tool that I often go back to and my framework about this business had expanded
    to a greater degree learning from you.. Thank you for your giving..

  • Tony Gill  says:

    A timely message for me Steve. I am now as ready as I will ever be to really get started. For too long I have been a bystander not taking action. There is always something else to distract me. I have begun to learn to say NO and this will be my breakthrough year.

    In terms of the synergy from partnerships Steve and Aidan present us with good role models.

    • Alain D.  says:

      Tony, it sounds like You & I, were in the same boat of being a ‘bystander not taking action.’ I love your stated intents, and high motivation to move forward. It’s rather contagious! 🙂 Are you open to being potential accountability partners for this new year, Tony? Let me know. I’d love to work with someone of your caliber & drive to kick off this inevitably stellar year ahead!

  • Alain D.  says:

    Powerful advice, Steve. Thank you so much!…Quick question in regards to working with a ‘partner’…..What are y’alls thoughts/personal experiences with having your Spouse as your working ‘partner’ in your business(es)? As one of your highly stoked & motivated 100k Ultra students & Mastermind members, I’m ALL IN on this for 2017, and can easily see how the massive power of leverage, which is built into these three critical ‘must do’s/must have’s’, can & will absolutely Explode my business starting NOW! Kudos for these awesome 12 days of high value, Steve & Aidan! Pure Gold! 🙂

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      We have a number of spouses working as partners in our 2 mastermind groups. I would say it works VERY well…as long as you two are compatible skills and strengths wise. But, overall…great experiences from what I can see.

      • Mark B  says:

        Having my spouse as a partner has made me even more accountable these last couple of months. I’ve hit bottom and although it’s been a rough period of time, she’s always been there by my side telling me that I not only have the strength but the determination to reach my goals! I only need to focus in 2017 listen and do what Aidan & Steve are saying and reach them!
        Can’t think of a better partners to get there!

  • Kirsten S  says:

    While I see tremendous value in partners, masterminds and info prods (especially with the quality Aidan and Steve offers), I just have trouble juggling it all.

    QUESTION: Being new to IM I have trouble with “Shiny Object Syndrome”. With so many pushing info products, masterminds, software etc, how do you decide where to spend your time and money?

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Let’s see if we can answer that in our bootcamp tomorrow…but, for sure I think it starts with joining a group and then focusing on the 4 things I outlined as the “sure things” for 2017

  • Jill Bray  says:

    Unlike Kirsten, I am not new to Internet Marketing and have tried many programs and ideas (I am 76) and can understand her confusion. I feel disappointed and ashamed to state that I have been involved now since about 1990. Yes, I have learned a lot and I now have a better idea of where I should go. My problem is that I have written an excellent book on the English language in UK English, but this does not have universal interest, e.g. in the US, although much of what I write is universal. So, I find myself having to leave the books in the cellar (or give the copies away as appropriate) and move on to something entirely different. In some ways, people new to these ideas have an advantage over me, as they are a tabula rasa (blank slate), whereas I tend to think I know it all, though the last six years have clearly proved that I don’t.

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      “I tend to think I know it all, though the last six years have clearly proved that I don’t.” – We ALL have strengths and weaknesses. I find it’s pretty straight forward to mitigate the weaknesses once we actually find them and say them out loud. Sounds like you’ve done the hard part! 🙂

  • Ann Gray  says:

    I have to agree with you on the Partnership. It helps to have somebody else input especially at my Age. I have bought 100K, but it was unsuccessful, because I could never get an Adsense Account approved. Than I got 100K Ultra and after spending the Money for the 2 Courses, there was not much left for an Advertising Budget out of a measly Social Security Check, so that did not work either, although I am still working on finding a Product that would sell well. So I will attend tomorrows session, but unfortunately there will be no Money to join a Mastermind group, regardless of how reasonably priced it will be. Maybe someday I will win the Lottery on a $1 Ticket.
    I think you are both great and very motivational!

  • Andy  says:

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for all the great info thus far. I was curious if your program will help us with finding partnerships, since I agree that it’s very important. If not, do you guys have any recommendations/resources on where to find good partnerships?

  • Bartholomew  says:

    As a monastic I don’t have money just time. All the best to the rest and remember charity covers a multitude of sins.

  • George  says:

    Indeed it is true we do need masterminds to exchange ideas and learn from each other. I truly believe there is a lot to learn. Especially in the online world will be attending the bootcamp to pick up the golden nuggets.

  • Kim  says:

    Awesome 🙂

  • Thea  says:

    Thank again for the clear explanation. I totally agree the power of a (mastermind)group. But I tried several times to get contact with other participants. No reaction. Please can you tell me how we can contact each other as I have the feeling there are several people with the same hurdles in 100K ultra and we can help and guide each other. Hope to hear fro you now or in the bootcamp. Or , as Andy here above asked, a recommendation where to find good partnerships.

  • Terri  says:

    I have purchased both the 100k and 100k Ultra. I have partnered with my daughter-in-law. And though its been a slow process for us as we both have full time plus jobs, we are having a blast! Definitely helpful having someone to bounce things off. Also, I would like to say I have gotten superb help from the help desk (Theo).

  • Gil  says:

    Agree 100%. Most successful people have at least 1 business partner.

  • Tamara B  says:

    Steve you really sum up the quintessentials.

  • Guy Reynolds  says:

    Awesome as usual – Many thanks Guys

  • Richard Read  says:

    Great advice – I’ve just started 100k Ultra and it’s really cool. I could see from day one that I’ll need a partner and be part of a Mastermind group. The training is amazing and I looking forward to 2017 with this product and working more with you guys!

    Many thanks!

  • Robin Sardini  says:

    I agree, Steve, ‘You can’t do this alone.’ You, Aidan, the group and your support team have been immensely helpful – over-delivering product, information, support and on-going training. My husband and I feel you guys and your team are our partners in our endeavors. Any time we have a question you give us the answers we need. We know we can always rely on your expertise and experience and you have not let us down. Thanks for being there for us. Wishing you and yours many blessings in the New Year!

  • J Farnsworth  says:

    Great ideas as always. Very true about how helpful it is to be part of a community that helps with training and information to keep up with changes and to help inspire us.

  • Red Hibiscus  says:

    Super again, Steve. I have one of three…joined 100K Ultra last Spring; have a partner in mind for 2017 and lastly, need a group. Ready to do it! Thanks for the the vids, Steve and Aidan.
    Congrats to all the winners!

  • tomer cohen  says:

    As allways,you deliver what you promise!

  • Leonardus Vandeven  says:

    I’m ready for the webinar tomorrow… bring it on!!

  • Wendel  says:

    Thanks for the sobering content. I more than most people really needed to hear this. I know i sometimes try to do too much myself.

  • Jeff Sommers  says:

    Thanks Steve, I am really looking forward to the bootcamp

  • Abdulrahim  says:

    Great info! We hoping and praying for the best in 2k17 ! Thanks Steve for all wonderful and inspirational videos.. Much appreicated, Abdul.



  • monica J KALE  says:

    Great advise.As a newbie I feel confident to kick start with all the help available.thanks and thank you again to Steve and Aiden for all your time to put all these together.
    Monica kale

  • Michael  says:

    Thanks Steve.

  • Bonnie Sholtz  says:

    Thanks again Steve, looking foward to the boot camp tomorrow. See you there!

  • Paula Pollei  says:

    Aiden and Steve,

    Thank you for your time on this. I am part of the 100K group and while I didn’t see success in 60 days, the information was valuable. I has some issues with getting support but it did finally come through. I unfortunately ran out of money to keep investing. I am trying to get back on track now and once I do I will be trying to get things moving again. I’m looking forward to the boot camp and I’m sure I will learn a lot.

  • Mara Thomas  says:

    I have given all my available money funds and all my spare hours plus to 100K Ultra. Haven’t made a sale yet after trying multiple products this past year. It is so hard to know what I am doing wrong when I hear so many success stories. And it’s bled me dry financially. I don’t need hype or some other new program that costs more money I don’t have. I bought 100K ultra in order to succeed with a solid commitment to do so. And I am willing to put in continued time and effort. The lesson for me is not to stop what I committed to do with 100K ultra and get sidetracked into abandoning it. I want to succeed with what I already signed up for. I have the will and the willingness to do what is necessary. I just don’t know what else to do with the program any more to make it work. What advice do you have for me to make 100K a success?

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      I would say to start over with the new modules. Sometimes, It just takes a fresh look This is a great business model and people are killing it!

  • George  says:

    Hi All,
    Looking at most of the comments here is about guys who have invested and yet have not gotten their return and most of them have run out of fuel. It’s like when you climbing a hill to get to the top and you run out of fuel mid-way. I guess a lesson has to be learnt here because when investing there should be guidance and way forward. I have to agree with Kirsten S “Being new to IM I have trouble with “Shiny Object Syndrome”. With so many pushing info products, masterminds, software etc, how do you decide where to spend your time and money?”
    As I see people have even invested their retirement money but one thing is clear there work to be done and most people get into this thinking they will reap the benefits immediately. Remember like someone said you are competing with the best out there guys who have been doing this for ages and you are competing for the same piece of cake. In the end one needs sound and good piece of advise coz it is a sea of all sorts of manner of info products. I look forward to value addition from the bootcamp and hope its not all sales funnel.

  • clara  says:


    Thank you for your sharing. Great tip! it is true how beneficial for the marketers ( no matter what level you are in) being a part of community, group we can share our goals, reduce the uncertainty and master each other for success in 2017!

  • Russell  says:

    Thank you Steve have really enjoyed your honesty and taken on board what you and Aidan have been saying. I’m also looking forward to ‘Build a Business Bootcamp’

  • Patrice  says:

    Looks like there’s some cautionary tales here regarding expectations. I’m also looking forward to “build a business boot camp”. What I have found with mastermind groups is that they can function as a troubleshooting guide. Most every problem has been experienced and solved by someone. Thanks guys! I’ve really enjoyed your tips to date!

  • Hardy  says:

    Wait, so who won the $5000? I got an email that says “[12 Day Giveaway] Bootcamp + 5k + Start-Over Blueprint = TODAY!”. How come you haven’t announce the winner?

  • Amber Westover  says:

    Wonderful thoughts. Thanks!

  • J  says:

    Is the 100k Factory original also considered under the guaranteed things? Is that something that we can still make work and then invest that money into moving into the 100k ultra type business or guaranteed thingsje?

    • J  says:

      I mean Sure things*

  • Hollis Pirkey  says:

    Another great video of advice. Where can I fiund a mastermind grtoup to join? Maybe you could set upo a page in 100Kukltra for people like me to sign up to joiun a mastermind or make one? Maybe also a page for people to sign up for partners – a way to exchange notes and etc. to interview each other?

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