Day 2 – Partnerships

Welcome to Day 2 of the 12 Day Giveaway! Hopefully you enjoyed yesterday’s content, we’ve got a LOT more in store for you 🙂

Today’s post is about Partnerships, and why I think they’re so important to success.

Check out the video below, and leave a comment.

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Michael B (mbach***@canam********.com) – you’ve won a Playstation 4!!


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127 comments to Day 2 – Partnerships

  • Gary  says:

    Thanks Aidan. Good advice. You and Steve have an awesome partnership. It’s great to see. Congratulations to Michael!

  • Darrin  says:

    A partnership needs trust, and it needs both parties to be committed to the same goal. If one party just isn’t working as hard as though the main business belongs to him/her, the partnership will eventually fail. Also if the other party is constantly trying to “interject” their ideas into the main business decisions (that are typically not that party’s forte), it’s not going to work out either. It’s like the example you gave, of an accountant (or programmer) seeking someone who is an ideas guy. Problems arise when the accountant/programmer tries to do the work of the ideas guy. There is a saying if all chefs/cooks could do business, then why would we need restaurants at all? 😉

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      I couldn’t agree more Darrin! And you just can’t force a partnership to work.. needs to be some natural understanding between the partners

    • Patrice  says:

      Those of you who have successful partnerships are truly blessed! It may sound easy but it’s hard to find people whose motives are compatible. After an promising but unsuccessful partnership with someone who seemed to be completely on board with our venture, we ran into disputes about money, style, workload, goals. Finally, I threw in the towel on this project as it was too big to do alone, Even though I’d love to be in a partnership for all the good reasons like creative brainstorming, work sharing, and the joy of playing on a team, I’m working alone for now on something small and easy.

  • Thomas  says:

    Awesome guys! Love your teaching style as well, so easy to follow

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Thanks Thomas!

  • Julian hadley  says:

    Great . Love the topics and well explained

    • daniel  says:

      Hi Darrell. I`m making more than a full time income online, So more than enough. I would be interested in talking with you.

      If anyone is looking for a internet marketing partner please email me at

      I have a eCommerce website ready to go and I`m earning my income from ebay, I learned from a pro eBay power seller of 8+ years and I have extensive FB marketing and mobile traffic knowledge/experience.

      Looking for someone who is earning well online like me, looking to scale my business and yours and earn with my eCommerce website.

  • Darrell  says:

    You are spot on working alone and having a partnership.

    IV been doing Internet marketing on my own for sometime now and it’s some hard. Having a partner would definitely makes it easier.

    So, one of my goal for my business for 2017 is to get a partner.

    If anyone out there is looking for a partner, let’s talk.

    Thanks Aidan for the incredible insights.

    • daniel  says:

      Hi Darrell. I`m making more than a full time income online, So more than enough. I would be interested in talking with you.

      If anyone is looking for a internet marketing partner please email me at

      I have a eCommerce website ready to go and I`m earning my income from ebay, I learned from a pro eBay power seller of 8+ years and I have extensive FB marketing and mobile traffic knowledge/experience.

      Looking for someone who is earning well online like me, looking to scale my business and yours and earn with my eCommerce website.

  • Lynnette  says:

    Congrats to Michael! 2nd winner of the 12 days giveaway, awesome Christmas gift from Aidan and Steve!

  • Hardy  says:

    Congrats to Michael B. I own a PS4 myself. It’s a blast to have. I hope you enjoy it.

  • linda wilson  says:

    Steve and Aidan you are the best! Congrats to Michael. May all of us have a blessed and happy holiday season!

  • Tami  says:

    Partnerships are so important it really does help you save time in your business

  • Tami  says:

    It saves you a tremendous amount of time in your business to have partners

  • Abrar aj  says:

    Congrats to Michael.


    Great suggestions. As far as my opinion about the Partnership is concerned — it is like this
    The parteners should be ABSOLUTELY Faithful, Transparent with each other ,in case any dispute arises ,it should be solved immediately WITH OUT HARMING nothing is BIGGER than a Pure Friendship.Though it is not easy to get a good partner , it is neither difficult too.
    Thanks again.

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Totally agree Tushar! With a good partner, disputes shouldn’t come up that often anyway… I can not remember having one dispute with Steve, this just work themselves out 🙂

  • Sally C Austin  says:

    Thanks Aidan (and Steve) for this second video. A partnership question for you both – is it better to have a 50/50 or 49/51 partnership and how best to decide?

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      In my opinion (Aidan), 50-50 is always better. Puts you on equal terms from the get go. This is how we always structure our partnerships. The only time we have minor partners, is when they’re obviously bringing less to the table in some way.

      • Sally C Austin  says:

        Thanks, Aidan, 50/50 makes a lot of sense and I actually talked to a friend yesterday about being partners in a venture we both have dreamed about for years so we’re away!

  • David Thomas  says:

    Well done Michael B – Spot on guys having a partner makes you more accountable and increases your opportunity for success

  • Marilynn Ritter  says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone! Yesterday I had 25 for dinner but made sure I took time to write down what I really wanted and what finished looked like.
    My partner is my husband. We just completed our 5 year in business.we developed our retirement business and enjoying the success. Until tomorrow enjoy today.

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Awesome stuff Marilynn! ‘Making the time’ is another differentiatior between the folks who achieve their goals, and those who don’t. Thanks for commenting!

  • Andy H  says:

    I love your point about the benefits of partnerships and while you need to make sure it’s the right fit, so much more can be accomplished. What are some good strategies for fiinding a complimentary partnership in the online world?

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Firstly, I wouldn’t limit yourself to partners just from the online world, some of our best partners are people we know from the ‘offline world’. Basics to start with are integrity, common values, common goals, but ideally different skill set.

  • Lyndsy Tippetts  says:

    Great video. You two really compliment eachother.

  • Mark  says:

    I just partnered for the first time with a friend to bring one of my core businesses to Europe. He will handle the warehousing and shipping of products, plus manage the translation of the European website into 10+ languages. We worked out a profit sharing deal whereby I retain 100% ownership of the company and he receives a percentage of profits – this can be reviewed every year. I’m curious to see how it goes. We start shipping from the EU next week.

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Great model, we also use profit sharing without giving up ownership (this is best when the value the partner brings is something very specific, if the value is more diverse, involvement in everything, then ownership sharing tends to work better).

  • Seng Tan  says:

    Hello Aidan
    Many thanks for sharing your experience. Partnership would be worth my consideration
    Congratulations to Michael B
    Kind regards & Merry Christmas to all

  • Mike  says:

    Congratulations Michael!

    I’d be open to a partnership on one of my e-commerce businesses. That partner would need to have a team already in place (outsource and automate time) so that the business can scale up even more.

    Thanks Aidan!



  • John  says:

    Congrats Michael! And Aidan – thanks for the sharing!

  • Alain D.  says:

    Partnerships……the ultimate win-win and ideally equally leveraged relationships (both in personal & business). Awesome! Thank You Aidan & Steve! Keep ‘me coming! I’m soo digging this!! 🙂

  • Tamara  says:

    Thanks Aiden. You really went straight to it, one the most business changing and challenging things. I’d like to hear more about when, during a startup from scratch specifically, one should seek a partner. I have a feeling that understanding the business and a mutual understanding roles of each partner is quintessential and there might be some sort of ‘if you’ve crossed this line then it’s time’ to seriously seek out a partner?

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      I don’t think there’s one perfect time to start with a partner Tamara, and I don’t think it’s essential that the partner understands all parts of the business, as long as there’s a clear way they can learn the role. It’s vital that the partner can learn and adapt to a model. I think you just have to be flexible and base partnership decisions on a situation by situation basis

      • Tamara  says:

        Good advice, thanks. 🙂

  • Bill Hildebrand  says:

    Great topic to talk about at this time. I am definitely looking for a partner for my business. Just really getting started on building a Natural Health business addressing many aspects of that niche and concentrating mostly on the baby boom generation although not exclusively. I am a US citizen living in the country of Panama. Would love to partner with someone who also has a passion for natural health ideas. I am also a 100K Factory member.

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Bill, you should say you’re looking for a partner in the 100k Factory Facebook group!

  • Alexis Najarro  says:

    I wish you guys had a thing where you’d take some lucky people directly under your wing and walk them through to success.

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      The way we do this is through our various training programs, we don’t have some kind of “apprenticeship” though 🙂

  • Laurie  says:

    Like the saying goes, “two heads are better than one”

  • Wendel  says:

    Great stuff as usual. I certainly will take your advice on seeking out a partner. As a self employed person i tend to want to do every thing myself. And what you said about vacations are correct. As an example I only had 10days vacation in 2016.
    So thanks for that advice, it’s tough for us to let go part of the projects but I guess I’ll have to.

  • tomer cohen  says:

    Great video Aiden, how can you know before you partner with somebody that you guys complete each other, or in a simillar skills level?

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      For me it’s mainly about gut feeling.. and open communication about expectations prior to partnering.

  • Leonardus Vandeven  says:

    I partnered up during the 100k Ultra and did not regret it. We complement each other, it lightened the load and gave both of us more time to spend away from the rat race and enjoy life. I’m a happy man!

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Awesome to hear that Leonardus!

  • Susan  says:

    Thanks Aidan and Steve. You make having a partnership seem seamless. I am curious about ways to find partners, other than posting a comment. How did you two meet?

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Hi Susan, Steve and I meet face to face 5-6 times each year. Some of our best partners are school friends, extended family, friends of friends, people we’ve ‘met’ online.. I don’t think there’s one recipe for finding a partner.

  • Hameed  says:

    Great information

  • Valentina  says:

    Great ideas! Thank you, Aidan!

  • JC  says:

    The knowledge Adian and Steve have shared has been great. I feel it is practical knowledge and will benefit me in the new year to come. I’m considering a buisness partner, I live in Texas, if anyone might be interested send me a message.

    Thanks Adian & Steve, Merry Christmas to all!

  • Rikki Williams  says:

    I totally agree with the partner. I my normal work (Service, install and engineering of CCTV), i have run across very few people that we could start in different areas on the same project and meet in the middle and it’s done. Would be great to have someone like that on the entrepreneur side of my life. Thanks so much for the videos, i look forward each day to what next. Merry Christmas to ALL, Happy Season.

  • Aidan and Steve  says:

    Thanks for all the comments! We read them all and appreciate hearing your thoughts! THANKS!

  • langlo  says:

    I think partner is nice to have. I have so much to do and so much to learn. With a partner I don’t need to do it all by myself. I don’t think it’s easy to find a partner and make it work, but since I have not tried I can be mistaken.

  • Geoffrey Kamali  says:

    Great insight into partnerships.
    I will be seeking one in the near future – after I have put my house to order.
    Thank you, Aidan.

  • daniel  says:

    I`m making more than a full time income online, So more than enough.

    If anyone is looking for a internet marketing partner please email me at

    I have a eCommerce website ready to go and I`m earning my income from ebay, I learned from a pro eBay power seller of 8+ years and I have extensive FB marketing and mobile traffic knowledge/experience.

    Looking for someone who is earning well online like me, looking to scale my business and yours and earn with my eCommerce website.

    • daniel  says:

      Also Not sure how to delete a comment. I accidenitly tried to replay to someone and it replied to someone else so i went ahead and replied to the real person, which made a duplicate comment. Hey aidan and steve, I would love to get your latest product. Is this bootcamp your latest product? thanks brother!

      • Aidan and Steve  says:

        Hi Daniel, thanks for commenting. The bootcamp is a free webinar training, it’s not a product we sell..

  • Morris  says:

    Absolutely makes sense to have a partner…especially when you consider that each of you will possibly inspire the other and keep each other accountable.

  • PQ  says:

    All I want for Christmas is you! BAAABAAY!

    (Ok, my 2 front teeth too)


  • Justin  says:

    Accountability is a critical component to making the business reach it’s objectives every day. I would love to have the right partner- finding the right match is key. Maybe it will happen in 2017!

  • Wal Galbraith  says:

    Some great thoughts re partnerships Aidan. I am in discussions with my daughter re joining me in this business and we have a very complementary set of skills. Thanks for your presentation.

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Great Wal, we’ve seen some very effective parent/child partnerships over the years!

  • Paul  says:

    Thanks Aiden, this is something I’ve been thinking about lately – I’m fairly time-poor at the moment because of the ol’ 9-5 J.O.B. My ideal partner would have sales skills, which I would complement with technical skills, and we’ve have an overlap of ideas, vision and time zones.

  • Abdulrahim  says:

    According to Noam Wasserman, author of The Founder’s Dilemmas, a whopping 65 % of new businesses fail due to conflict among co-founders. One way to avoid this fate is, of course, to choose the right business partner.
    Aidan you have really opened my eyes more on partnership and surely, am going to kick the upcoimg new year 2017 with partnering the right business mate.
    Thanks for the great info Aida, and a very prosperous new year to everyone of us all.

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Wow, interesting stat… goes to show how key it is to choose the right person to partner with!

  • David Ditler  says:

    I would love to find a partner to grow and/or start a business. I currently live in Texas (But my heart is in Wisconsin). IF anyone is interested please send me an email at

  • Mahmoud Alazzawe  says:

    thank you so much Aiden wish to grow my online business for this year as 2016 was not really shiny working smart to get it done how with the new plan and set of tools available it will be a super online year

  • Ceyda Biceroglu  says:

    I have an accountability partner (aka success partner) for fitness but didn’t consider it for my Internet Biz. How did you two meet?

  • Lora  says:

    Partners are great when the trust is there. Always a learning experience and worthwhile.

  • Shawn  says:

    Hey Aid, thanks for the great insight.
    I’m currently looking for a partner, anyone interested?

  • Doug  says:

    Awesome, thanks for the two videos so far. I feel inspired to see if I can partner up with my wife now. Definitely complementary skill sets, if we can work it out in Shanghai without falling out over China’s internet challenges lol. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  • Guy Reynolds  says:

    Aidan – Great advice as always – Merry Xmas

  • Michael  says:

    Very good advice – God bless.

  • Elaine  says:

    Very Concise! I’m taking lots of notes for when the time comes. I’m so Grateful & Love the value you’re giving us!

  • Lj  says:

    Thanks for your insight on partnerships – Appreciated!

  • Amy Broadway  says:

    Thanks Aidan. Very helpful. Merry Christmas to you and Steve.

  • Dino  says:

    great stuff. even your replies to the posted comments brings even more value.

  • Steve  says:

    I agree that having a partner can strengthen both parties if your strengths and weaknesses complement each other. But especially in the area of accountability which is essential to be successful online or any other endeavor.

  • Teresa  says:

    Great idea to consider getting an accountability partner. I know it works for exercise. Just makes sense that it would help in business. Perhaps I need to make this one of my 2017 goals. Are there any guidelines on ‘how to choose a partner’?

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Hi Teresa, first your partner needs to be someone with integrity who you can trust. Next they should ideally have a complimentary skill set, and thirdly, they should be on the same wavelength with what you want to achieve in your project… get these three things, and you’re off to a good start 🙂

  • Margot Pienaar  says:

    When is a good time to team up? You were in business for five years before you and Steve connected. I am still just starting out…

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      No perfect time Margot, we’ve partnered with people on Day 1, and others later on.. I’d say sooner is better than later though.

  • Dayanand  says:

    Hi Aiden, I agree with the concept of partnership. Personally, it is a challenge for various reasons.

  • Donna Lankford  says:

    I have not thought about having a partner before but love the idea, not sure where to find one.

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Think about your network of friends, family, friends of friends, workmates, etc

  • Suzanne Sitlington  says:

    Thanks Aidan. Yet another awesome element of being an entrepreneur. Can’t wait until paths collide. I have made my decision to experience massive success and happiness in all areas of life and am working toward that every single day. Often times I think of Steve’s words from last year…”do more of what you love and less of what you don’t”. LOVE

  • Amber Westover  says:

    Hey guys, great content and advice!

  • Caro McCourtie  says:

    Thanks for the video and testimony to partnership. I am interested in finding a complementary partner. I’d offer this piece of food for thought – I’ve observed people saying in the FB group, they do not want to partner until they’ve achieved their own success. The concept of partnership is to achieve the success together – and with two intelligent heads with complementary skill sets, and offering accountability, it is doubling the chances of success – based on doing your due diligence to get the right match and having it all contracted, so it’s clear on roles and responsibilities. I learned a lesson in partnership that taught me to not rush in, assess values match as much as skills, gauge how the person handles adversity – as that is more telling than the good times, and ensure it is all spelled out. Which having done more due diligence are foundations the successful partnerships do have. Complementary senses of humo(u)r make for happy work days too 🙂

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Thanks for commenting Caro, and for being a key part of the 100k FB group 🙂 Rushing in can lead to disaster, and it’s easy to get carried away with hyped up emotions at the start of a project. Complimentary humoUr certainly helps!!

  • Barbara George  says:

    I like to do everything myself but often yearn for a second opinion – from someone who really knows the business.
    I’ve had business partnerships in the past. We never had accountability problems – probably because it was so much fun!
    I think there is a time when you are sufficiently anchored in your business so you know virtually all aspects and can identify your greatest strengths. Then you can best attract the compatible complement and really fly!

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Absolutely Barbara, and don’t forget that just important as identifying your strengths, is identifying your own weaknesses (that’s normally more difficult, at least for me)

  • Pam Clark  says:

    Enjoy, Michael.

    Thanks for the videos Aiden and Steve!

  • Telmo Lima  says:

    hello Aidan, I follow your blog a long time and really love the stuff your share 🙂 can´t wait for the next weebinar. thanks

  • J Farnsworth  says:

    A good word to sum up your great advice Aidan is ‘synergy’.

    Finding the right partner with complementary skills is a huge benefit. I had a business partner and we worked well together. The only problem I discovered was the accountability issue. We’d be close to launching something and then she would have something come up and she couldn’t work on the business for months. Eventually, it reached a point where her ‘multiple somethings’ prevented the business from moving forward and the partnership was dissolved.

    A note regarding accountability…About a year ago, a friend and I were talking about some things that we wanted to accomplish in our personal life. So, we decided to call each other at the end of the day to report on our progress each had made regarding our personal goals. We been able to celebrate each other’s victories and provide support during the times when bumps in the road were experienced. I believe having to ‘report in’ helped my friend and I be more accountable and make more progress on our goals during this last year.

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Having an accountability buddy is invaluable! Great initiative indeed!

  • Russell  says:

    Hi Aidan,

    Thank you, that’s great advise. What are your thoughts on having a mentor rather than a partner. I’ve been thinking about getting a mentor for quite a while now.

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Hi Russell, I think they fulfil different roles, neither more important than the other. I’m a HUGE believer in mentors/teachers/coaches, I’ve always taken huge leaps forward when seeking advice from people who’ve “been there and done it”. Mentors can also help with accountability, but in the long run, they will never replace a partner

      • Russell  says:

        Hi Aidan and Steve,

        Thank you for your response I appreciate you taking the time to reply, I will start with a mentor and then get a partner.

  • Bonnie Sholtz  says:

    Day two on my catching up on the 12 day giveaways. Thanks for the awesome advise on partnership advantages.

    Looking forward to day 3.


  • Jae  says:

    Thanks for the great insight about partnership! I think the successful partnership like the one Steve & Aidan has, also like any great relationship, doesn’t come easily. It’s important for both parties to have common interest & goals, mutual respect & trust, open communication & equal commitment among a lot of other factors…

    I’ll certainly consider a partnership if it’s a good match. Thinking ahead, if we find a good one, what process do we need to formalize the partnership? Do you recommend we form a legal partnership entity? Can you give us some advice or point us to the right direction as for how to actually realize the partnership? Thanks so much!

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Hi Jae, for partnership formalization, a simple agreement can be drawn up stating ownership and roles.. there are lots of templates on the web, and it’s pretty standard thing for a lawyer to draw up if you need something personalized. Plenty of partnerships operate JUSt on a handshake though, and that’s actually fine in many cases, especially to begin with, and especially for web-based projects.

  • Michael B.  says:

    Woohoo!! Little late to the party, but it looks like I won! 🙂 Thanks to Aidan and Steve! and thanks for all the congrats!

    Great content here, awesome advice as usual! I would have to agree that accountability is key. I had a partner up until I got out of my Corporate Web development business in 2010. It is easy to get complacent when nobody is looking but when you are accountable to someone, it is easier to stay focused.

    This reminds me that I need to find an ecommerce partner!

    All the best for a focused, happy, healthy and successful 2017!

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Awesome Michael, congrats!! Contact our support desk to arrange the prize: Happy holidays to you!

  • kuldeep singh rathore  says:

    thanks aidan and steve

  • Marcia Schwanger  says:

    I would love to have a partner but when someone is new and just learning,like me, they/I would think I would like to have a partner who is experienced rather than both of us “bumbling” along. But who would want a partner that is new and inexperienced?
    It would defiantly require somehow meeting the right person on both sides and understanding how each could complement, regardless of experience I guess. It takes time to get to know someone and get a good feel for their work ethic, strengths, weakness, ect. Problem is time and opportunity…

  • Richard Read  says:

    Thanks Aiden, I understand what you are saying here and it’s very valuable advice. I’m really on the look out for a partner for my business before it gets too big for me to manage alone but to also be accountable too which I can see would be a real benefit. Great video.. thank you

  • wayne  says:

    Was just wondering if you guys personally have a separation plan in case you need to break up the partnership for whatever reason? If so, any suggestions how to structure it?

  • Yolanda  says:

    Hi Guys.

    Aidan I love the mini tree and mini Santa on your desk!

    The part that sticks out for me is accountability. Using the gym analogy is a good one because in having a gym partner increases your chances of sticking with it. The other part that sticks out is trusting your partner in that everything is going to be ok when you take extended vacations. I currently do not have a partner but this is something that I do plan to implement at some point in the future. I have found that attending workshops in person is a great avenue in finding a potential partner.

  • Sean Mahon  says:

    Hi Aidan and Steve. Couldn’t agree more – for some years I was trying to run all of my businesses largely by myself, with just informal mentorship gained through being part of an on-line Facebook group or such-like. I have recently found myself a business partner and much as you describe Aidan, we have found that our slightly different approaches and insights really add value so there is real synergy. You also mention accountability and again this is a key point! Cheers once again for some great insights!

  • Kirsten S  says:

    I am grateful because I got my husband and my two teenage boys on board with me as my partners! Only caveat to this: when we go on vacation, we will have to have our laptops and an internet connection for sure!

  • Robin Sardini  says:

    Thanks for the great insight into partnerships, Aidan!

  • Sam  says:

    Great insight!

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