Day 7 – What History Can Teach Us

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Today I share my thoughts on what history can teach us, I curse for the first time, AND, I share nothing less than my plan for you to be the next Steve Jobs…

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64 comments to Day 7 – What History Can Teach Us

  • Sarah  says:

    I’m fired up and ready to make 2017 MY year.. I’ve been on the sidelines for too long, but after some changes in my personal life, I’m finally ready to push forward and follow in the footsteps of the folks you’re mentioning.. regular people who have built successful online businesses!

  • Janet  says:

    Hahaha, you make me laugh! Good points indeed, thanks for sharing!

  • Rob  says:

    Good reminder Steve, easy to get down on believing that I really can build a successful online business, this is a timely reminder, thanks

  • Jill Bray  says:

    What history has taught me (age 76) is that one is never too old to learn. At 76, I learn something new every day!

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Totally agree with that, Jill! The older I get…the more I know that’s true. It keeps us young.

  • carol feist  says:

    I love your excitement!!

  • Kim  says:

    I Can- 2017 is the year

  • David Thomas  says:

    Invest my time now for time freedom in the future

  • Tony Gill  says:

    This is a powerful message Steve.To your ending: “Yes you can do this!” I would add only if you put in the time and energy to IMPLEMENT it. With the countless distractions we all face and the consequent choices we make on how we spend our time many of us will not implement it. I know; I am guilty of this.

    In 2015, I trained to run my first Marathon – the London Marathon. I know what it took. I have learnt to say “NO”. So I will run the same marathon in 2017 and improve on my time AND I will earn my first $100k online before the end of 2017.

    • Alain D.  says:

      Tony,…..I am soooo with you on this! 2017 is the year for hitting that attainable 100k. Never quit Learning…..Never quit taking action…..Every Day Dammit. 🙂

      • Tony Gill  says:

        Right on Alain.

  • Justin  says:

    It takes a lot of self belief to know that you can accomplish above average things. I’m on board and captain of this ship for 2017.

  • Hardy  says:

    Freedom, Income and Happiness? I don’t know. I’ve heard people say that to me before and unfortunately, it involves MLM Marketing which I had a bad experience. I’m not saying it’s not possible but the journey to get Freedom, Income and Happiness is a hard one. Even Steve Jobs and Steve Zuckerberg know this. And of course we can’t be those guys. They invented iPhones and Facebook which made them rich and everybody wants to be a part of it. The closest thing I ever invented is a horror vampire novel and I only sold one.

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Well…I have all of that freedom and I never ever ever engage in any form of MLM marketing. As one example…an area I spoke about as one to focus on in 2017…we manufacture goods in China , import them into the US and sell them online. All to the tune of millions of dollars per year in sales. Not a THIING that’s MLM about that my friend. None of the 1000’s of folks I’m speaking about…who’ve accomplished these things…are doing MLM.

  • Edita  says:

    LOL! Loved your comment on Zuckerberg :). Thanks for the inspiring and realistic thoughts, Steve!

  • Graham in UK  says:

    Hi Steve
    OK, I’m from across the pond…. so what’s an MB18?
    I’ve run out of paper writing down what I CAN’T be…
    After a lot of years (now a senior) still trying to work out
    what I CAN be !!

    Would love to have a regular monthly online income.

    • Tony Gill  says:

      Graham, there are some things that you have done over the past decades that you strived to achieve and are very proud of. There are still things that you would be proud to achieve in the future? What are they? Collecting money for charity? Befriending a lonely and elderly person living near you to comfort him/her? What about something physical to improve your health and fitness?

      Me? I will run the London Marathon two weeks after turning 70 and aim to do this in under 4 hours. And, as I said earlier, I will achieve my first $100k by the end of 2017 by doing what it take. And yes I too live in the UK.

      Are you prepared to do what it takes to “have a regular monthly online income”? Rise to the occasion Graham 🙂

  • Richard Read  says:

    What an inspiring video with so much commonsense Steve thank you. So many people aspire to be the next “so and so” and make millions from the next super gadget and inside they know they are only dreaming and can’t ever achieve what some of these people do.. but if we’re honest most of us don’t want this, we want freedom, we want financial security and if we work hard and follow a good system this lifestyle is very achievable. I love it! Thanks Steve and Aidan.. great job so far. Really looking forward to the next few days and the Bootcamp!

  • Sergio  says:

    JAJAJAJA!!Freaking Loved This Video!!

    Finally Some TRUTH!

    More of this is needed . I mean truth and STILL

    AWESOME Steve (thumbs Up)

  • Alex  says:

    You are awesome and truthful, I really dig that from you. Don’t know you, how the business work etc. I signed up for the boot camp and ready to learn, and yes I am an AVERAGE person. At about all the business I have encountered you seem legit.

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      If you’re REALLY an average person, Alex 🙂 … then you are in the right place and you can achieve great things ! We’re happy to have you involved!

  • John  says:

    So true Steve.

  • Amy  says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, Steve.

  • Bill G  says:

    Spot on Steve,
    I think we have come to an age were people think unless they do something to change the world at a level that these 3 guys did, they are not a success. I say BS. If you are doing something that truly makes you happy and fulfilled you are a success. I think if you look at the back story of a lot of the success full people in history its not all sunshine and roses.
    Thanks for keeping it real.

  • Neil Basford  says:

    Steve, Great message..thanks Neil

  • barbara  says:

    Thanks for the great insight Steve. I’m really enjoying these nuggets of information from you and Aidan – thanks!

    I want to be financially free to be able to live my life by design and not by default.

    Thanks to 100k Factory I’m heading in the right direction to achieve my goal!


  • Bonnie Sholtz  says:

    Yes Steve as we say up here in Canada, keep shoveling through the snow, you’ll get out! This will be my case for the next few months with my eCommerce. Wait maybe I should think of the Nomad approach. LOL Thanks again for the great advise and motivation. Love you guys!

  • Germania  says:

    Great message Steve – thanks for the encouragement for Average people that can accomplish greatly!

  • Suzanne Sitlington  says:

    Awesome …Thanks Steve…I’ve been getting in my own way for long enough, questioning if I’m smart enough, wondering if things are real or just hype…I’m very excited and looking forward to what I consider massive success. Freedom…”may the force be with you”. Love

  • Sean Mahon  says:

    Nicely put Steve and I really love your passion in this one! (Did he just say the ‘f-word ? LOL – just kidding! 😉 ) In truth I think your message that with focus and the right guidance the ‘ordinary person’ can create a significant business and a matching and congruent lifestyle is a really great message and being part of the 100K Factory programme is really helping me see this in action! Appreciate yours and Aidan’s insights!!

  • Red Hibiscus  says:

    Steve, you and Aidan are celebrities to us! Accolades, applause, gratitude! To your rhetorical question…what more could you want, I would want good health, peace of mind and a pearly mansion beyond the galaxy far, far away! Meanwhile, thank you for 100K and may all be successful in 2017. Get better, continue with warm lemon teas, steam treatments..this is grandma of six speaking.

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      I am taking your medical advice!

  • Amber Westover  says:

    Thanks for those words. I have been working on starting my own business and writing a book. I have it some struggles with my mindset of I am just an average person. Will what I say impact some one? Will my business be the next “big thing”. After listening to you, I feel that I am someone who can impact this world and make a big difference. I may not be Steve Jobs, but I don’t have to be him. I am me! Thanks!

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      ” I may not be Steve Jobs, but I don’t have to be him. I am me! ” Awesome quote and exactly what I was going for!

  • Neil  says:

    Hi Steve
    Not very festive of you to crap all over my dream of being a crime fighting space fireman.

    yours sincerely

    Steve Musky Luckenberg

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Some dreams MUST die, Neil 🙂

  • Kit  says:

    You have me laughing out loud this morning! Appreciate the powerful history lesson. Zuckerberg might take issue with the “luck factor” but think you are dead on. Sound advice. Looking forward to the boot camp.

  • Michael B.  says:

    Great stuff Steve, love your outlook and words of wisdom. Happy New Year to you, Aidan and everyone here, health, wealth, happiness and a successful 2017 to all!!

  • Victoria  says:

    Very powerful words. Ready to push forward and follow through. 2017 bring it on!!!!

  • Nigel Castle  says:

    i totally agree with sentiments expressed by Steve great stuff, can’t wait for tomorrows installment. You guys are great mentors.

  • Roxanne  says:

    Thank you SO much, Steve and Aidan for the awesome, ongoing, exceptional training and support! This message really resonates for me ~~ great combination of hope and inspiration, yet keeping it Real! Must persevere, keep learning, keep trying, keep going & success (however that looks for each of us) will be there! Thank you & Happy 2017 to all!

  • Yolanda  says:

    I am 100% involved in my success! Thanks for the sound advice guys!

  • Bruce B,  says:

    Hey Steve and Aidan. Thanks for all your help. Of all the guys out there selling education and online business opportunity, you guys are the ones I trust the most. I wish you would do the 365 day of giveaways just for the daily inspiration. After coming here to this site for 15 minutes I feel motivated to do something everyday. Your advice about doing something everyday even if it’s small makes that mountain top look easier to reach. I have accomplished so much with your training. thanks again.

  • Charlene  says:

    Thank you Steve and Aiden for the great videos. May everyone have a happy and prosperous 2017!

  • Pamela dolan  says:

    Steve, I always enjoy your perspective on things. I think it’s OK to use the success of those like Zuckerberg, as our push forward/take a chance inspiration to motivate ourselves to take that first step forward.

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      It’s definitely OK to look at those guys as some kind of inspiration for sure. I just want people to realize that they can accomplish OH SO MUCH by just being the “average” person who takes action and does these business models.

  • Carlos  says:

    This was a GREAT video. I think you stated what a lot of folks are already thinking: “we don’t even WANT to be those guys. We want to silently enjoy our lives with the ones we love and have enough time, freedom and money to do so. Thats what people want.I know I do. And it is so great to know that it is achievable for us thanks to the Internet. No way would I have believed it if it was back in the 80’s , when there was no Internet. Back then I was convinced you either had to be a very special or a very lucky individual to be able to get your hands on a lot of money (or a crook😂) Let’s Make use of the opportunity given to us. Let’s milk the net!

  • Guy Reynolds  says:

    Thanks Steve – Great Insights – Regards Guy

  • Kim Christian  says:

    My brother-in-law also has the Star Wars helmets (storm trooper and another one I didn’t get a good look at). The whole family came to our hotel room to open presents on Christmas, and we asked to have valet bring up some of the carts to lug all the presents down to cars. My brother-in-law decided to open the door with one of the helmets on…and I was a little sad there was NO reaction at all. I guess they must get that a lot! Ha ha. Even though I am the “average person”, I have to agree that all the evidence I see proves what you are saying. Here in Texas, there are TONS of people with ridiculous amounts of money. Many of them are uneducated, but generally hard-working, and they were either stupid lucky or found a system that worked for them. After the chaos of 2016, I’m ready to dive into the systems and make some money. I am excited about 2017 and look forward to seeing what you have planned.

  • Wendel  says:

    I believe all of us have our own potential for greatness. That greatness is defined by our beliefs, plans and execution. You’re absolute right we can’t be anyone else but ourselves. And sometimes it takes some shock and awe as you’ve described to find ourselves and understand our capabilities. The message here is we certainly can be do and have more if we pursue and emulate the right mentors. Thanks for being great mentors.

  • Laurie  says:

    Great inspiration Steve. I am who I am and I can accomplish many great things!

  • Patricia  says:

    Always love your content. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to 2017.

  • Jeff Sommers  says:

    I would agree that “normal” people can achieve great things but “normal “people are satisfied with a normal job,
    The very fact that when any of us attempt to achieve something greater puts us out of the “normal” category. I don’t want anyone to accuse me of being “normal”

    • Carlos  says:

      The point is that we do not need to be another Zuckerberg or Jobs to live an awesome life. Just the attempt to achieve something greater does not put any of us in that category of people. Yes, maybe we put ourselves out of the ” normal ” category, but still not in the Jobs or Zuckerberg category, which is perfectly fine, because we don’t need to, and that is the whole point Steve is trying to make.

  • Paul LaPrade  says:

    So I guess becoming a Jedi Knight is out of the question… 🙂
    Very humorous and honest presentation. Thanks Steve…

  • Kirsten S  says:

    Yes!!! Financial, Geographic and Time FREEDOM will be mine in 2017!!! Thank you Steve

  • Marcia Schwanger  says:

    I am average but I can succeed in my own right! You said it, I believe it. And I am going to repeat it everyday until it happens!

  • Darrin  says:

    Hey Steve,

    Thanks for the motivational speech. Yes, ordinary people can still be a little bit extraordinary.

  • Annette  says:

    Thanks for common sense Steve! Most of us might be average but we’re not normal because we’re all stepping out of that proverbial comfort zone and striving to build the life of our dreams!

  • Tamara B.  says:

    Modeling someone else, yes, being someone else, nope! 🙂 Be a very successful you instead. I love Steve’s message and the way it’s presented.

  • Abdulrahim  says:

    Most definitely we never gona be those great personalities but theres something great to achieve from their platforms as usual. Another interesting and inspiring video !
    Thanks alot Steve.

  • Tami  says:

    I am hoping to be one of those regular persons. Just need to hook up with the right mentors!

  • Barbara George  says:

    Steve, your delivery is so real. Your sincerity of message reaches us! I am so grateful for you and Aidan. You both share the most valued information in such normal communicative styles. Thank you!

  • club  says:

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