Day 9 – The ULTIMATE Planning System

It’s January 1st 2017! Happy New Year!!! 

I thought we’d have flying cars by 2017…we don’t, but we do have some pretty cool Drones, and we’re giving one away today (details further down this page).

The video below is about PLANNING.

It’s critical to achieving pretty much anything… here’s my take on how to build the ultimate plan:



Today’s Winner Is…

Lee J. (ljackson** – you’ve won a Parrot Drone!!!


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70 comments to Day 9 – The ULTIMATE Planning System

  • Gary  says:

    Happy New Year Aidan and Steve. Wishing you all the very best! Thanks for the training Aidan. This ties into Steve’s day 3 training where we need to find something that we can use and that works/sticks.
    This is a good system and if you want it to stick, it does take time and discipline especially setting it all up. It’s just a question of creating the [daily] habit. Thanks!

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      It certainly takes a bit of time to set up, requires discipline, but it pays off 🙂 Happy 2017 Gary!

      • Dion  says:

        I can’t seem to find instructions to import the excel file into my calendar: Outlook OR Google.

  • J Farnsworth  says:

    Happy New Year.

    Breaking my goals into smaller chucks is something I’ve added several months ago when you posted this on your blog. Thanks for yours and Steve’s insight on time management and goal achievement.

    I agree with Gary….it is daily consistency that makes the difference.

  • Thea  says:

    Thank you for the clear information Aidan.

  • John  says:

    Another much welcomed business discussion Aidan. I’m going to miss these insights from you guys when it’s over in a couple days. Happy New Year to all!!

  • justin  says:

    This might be one of the most important of the twelve days yet! Can we gamify habit building to make it as fun and as sticky as possible? This framework can be really powerful, reinforce accountability, sharpen focus and provide lots of objectives throughout the year – it really comes down to building this framework or one like it into your habits, so that it happens like clockwork.

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Hi Justin, I actually DO gamify it.. for example, when I complete my week workout/exercise goals, I treat myself!! Do whatever it takes to motivate yourself 🙂

  • Jill Bray  says:

    Planning, Aidan? I spend much of my life planning and did think that I was well organised. With a disabled adult daughter in her late 40’s – I have looked after her for most of her life – planning is not an option but a necessity. She, of course, comes first, then the cat, then ‘work’. This last depends to a great extent on what I have to do for my daughter – this can vary a lot (her father died a few years ago). For me, planning is done monthly, weekly, and, if necessary, hourly in between other vital, unchanging tasks. In order to have any time to ‘work’, I have to be very organised. The suggestion of working in 12-week chunks is an interesting one, and one which I shall endeavour to incorporate into my life in some way. I am a copywriter, editor, proof-reader, but not a seller of items other than my own book and skills at this time. Thanks for your insights, Aidan and Steve.

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Would love to hear how the 12-week chunk approach works for you Jill! Happy New Year 🙂

    • Lee  says:

      As a woman, I can well understand Jill’s predicament. Men really do have an easier time of it. For women there always seems to be one more task to complete before taking “time out” especially if one is alone. (I was so please to see that she does not neglect her cat. 🙂 When my husband was alive he helped out with many of the chores, grass cutting, garbage takeout, keeping the vehicles running etc. Now, like Jill, I either have to pay or take time out from an already busy schedule to do these things.
      I can appreciate a free-and-easy life style but when one has commitments, it isn’t easy to neglect, children, pets, house and vehicle maintenance to steal a few hours of out own. Many of us, in our youth never had the opportunities that you have been blessed with, not because we wouldn’t have wanted it, but because life was totally different for us. Rigid and disciplined it didn’t allow for such flights of fancy. . . .ask Steve!

  • Nyron  says:

    Awesome golden nuggets guys! Thanks for your thoughts and insights on time management and planning overall! Its all about setting goals and attacking them and never giving up! Happy New Years! I CAN AND I WILL MAKE 2017 EPIC!

  • Sarah  says:

    I started using this when you first explained it a year ago Aidan, it’s been incredibly useful, thanks. Happy 2017 to you and Steve.

  • Neil Tribe  says:

    Hi Aidan. What I love about using your spreadsheet for planning my 12 week year is that there is no software between me and my planned tasks. That removes the temptation to spend time ‘tweaking’ my todo list instead of getting sh*t done! 🙂

    The struggle I have, despite your excellent system is actually making a decision about what I think I CAN achieve in the 12 weeks. That leads me to procrastinate on setting some goals and deadlines. Watching your video again this year gave me a bit of lightbulb moment. I’m going to go back to my 12 week plan, which I had started to put together, and see if I can follow the same process you show. I’ll set myself a goal for each of three areas (Affiliate Sites, Kindle, eComm) and then take them into the rest of the spreadsheet as tasks for each week according to the overall deadlines. What’s the worst that can happen? I can fall short of those goals… That’s got to be better than procrastinating on setting them! 🙂

    I’ve been working through the Affiliate Marketing ‘Cheatsheet’ over the last few days as I really think it’s hight time I got some ‘Authority’ sites going. Wow. I think you need to find a new name for these things. They are so in depth. Practically an entire course in one self contained document. The breadth of experience in there comes out from every page!

    I also went through Melissa’s presentation to the Blueprint Academy about her Kindle best seller. A real eye opener to see how the decisions she made took it from a poor start to a best seller. Amazing.

    Thanks for all the knowledge, and support in 2016. Happy New Year to you all…


    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Hi Neil, regarding your comment about not knowing what you can achieve, I face the same issues every time.. but I take my ‘best guess’. If I get it wrong, it’s still better than nothing.. and the system is designed to be flexible and change as needed. Happy New Year buddy!

  • Mikey  says:

    I really like the idea of strategic blocks and buffer blocks. As someone who works about 50 hours a week in my “day job,” I often feel like I am not getting much accomplished during my hit and miss times working on my business goals. Hoping this process will help me feel less scattered (and guilty) so I can reach one of my goals…cutting my day job hours in half!

  • Richard Read  says:

    Happy New Year Aidan and Steve! Another great video and a really doable idea to manage your goals task by task. Being disciplined and managing your own time when you work for yourself can be the hardest hurdle to get over. I’ve never fully mastered it but this is a great idea to get started, so thanks.
    I really think a business/accountability partner is a great idea during the times when it’s so easy to just let things “slip” because no one else is watching.. so if anyone out there wants to be business buddies, give me shout 🙂

  • Marilynn Ritter  says:

    I do not have an Internet business. I find bits and pieces I can use daily. Thank you. HAPPY NEW YEAR! CREATE AND ENJOY THE BEST YEAR!

  • Bill G  says:

    Thanks Aidan
    Perfect timing, I have that book and was planning on using it starting this week, your insight was very help full. Hope you and Steve have a great 2017. thanks

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      It’s a GREAT book Bill 🙂

  • Alain D.  says:

    Hey Aidan, Thanks soo much for sharing this awesome time management / planning system! I’ve seen numerous systems in the past, but none quite like this one. I really like how with the shortened time chunks, you really are forced into accomplishing your written down actionable items, driven by actual set specific time deadlines. I Like This!, and will no doubt implement this into my 2017 for sure! And you’re definitely spot-on, Aidan, about the ill perception that…..shoot, 2017 just started,…and I’ve got plenty of time!…….WRONG! This system is a wake up call, y’all. Thank you for another Excellent & poignant video share. This is gold! 🙂

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Yeah, it’s crazy Alain, it’ll be 2018 before we know it.. gotta make big gains in projects early in 2017 to ensure it doesn’t slip by without achieving what we want!!

  • Germania  says:

    Happy new year Steve and Aidan, I wish success in your lives in every single arena!
    I see more clarity regarding my time management. I have for years trying different methods on my own and not getting it to stick. The system that you explained Aidan actually makes me see myself doing it effectively! Of course the discipline and being consistent is the key. Thanks for your time and help!

  • Wendel  says:

    Hi Aidan thanks for sharing. But I think Steve’s plan is more doable for me. I may have to plan to learn your plan Aidan no pun intended. But I do see the value in it and what I can take from this is setting shorter deadlines and working towards same. I’ll use that approach with Steve’s system. Oh and I do have both recommended books the one by Dave Allen – getting things done and the 12 week plan by Brian P. Moran which I’m currently reading. Thanks as usual for sharing your valuable experiences.

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      You’ve gotta find what works, Steve’s plan clearly works for him and has for years. I’ve also read David Allen’s book, found it very useful indeed, and there’s a air bit of crossover between what he says, and what Brian P. Moran recommends. 🙂

  • Tony Gill  says:

    A timely reminder to use this in 2017. I did start last year (2016) but got too many interruptions in what I was trying to achieve. Now better placed to implement it fully. It does take more time to setup properly than you think but it is well worth the effort. THanks Aidan.

  • Bonnie Sholtz  says:

    Happy New Year! Well I thought I was an organized person and yes I am I know where things are etc but I never get things done. I now see why. I am organized in the wrong way. Ok to the drawing board I go. I will now be able to clear things off my do to list instead of just adding to it.

    Thanks guys for the eye opener!

  • Ron Lindquist  says:

    Thanks fo another great video, how ever I did not see the link for the twelve week spread sheet? Thanks Ron

  • Angel  says:

    Thank-you for the great information.I plan on implementing in the coming year!

  • Arjan  says:

    Happy New Year!!!!
    All in good health and Happiness!!

  • Ron Lindquist  says:

    found it thanks

  • Tamara B.  says:

    Thanks. I incorporated several of these items into my fusion schedule-planner system.

  • Guy Reynolds  says:

    Thanks Aidan – Planning is essential and this appears a great template to work with.

  • Sally C Austin  says:

    Thank you Aidan for sharing your planning method and spreadsheet. It is a generous gift and I am grateful to be a part of this group to receive it.

    I particularly like the fact you include Health in the model because without it we cannot achieve to the best of our ability.

    Thanks again and Happy New Year!

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Hi Sally, one of the reasons I like this planning system so much is that it ensures I don’t neglect some important non-work parts of my life.. like health, relationships, etc 🙂

  • Tami  says:

    Happy New Year to you both! This system of planning is a little more complicated than day 3 hybrid system but I believe that it is well worth it as it offers more accountability.

  • Kayla  says:

    Thanks for the spreadsheet! 🙂

  • Rhonda Gruber  says:

    Happy New Year!
    I love this “scientific” method of goal setting and time planning explained in the 12 Week Year. Putting goals first and then tasks on a spreadsheet and breaking it down by weeks is paramount to time collapsing so one can accomplish much more.
    Thanks for explaining this system. I plan to read the book and execute on it.

  • Jeff Sommers  says:

    Happy new year to you all
    Thus looks like a great system but a bit too complicated for me. It is something I would start well but very soon I would drop out of it
    Steve’s system is better for me . Just a simple dray and drop system. very easy to set up and use,
    I am currently recommending Trello to some friends for their children’s school assignments

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Sure, I totally get that. Different things work for different people 🙂

  • Michael  says:

    Cracking stuff Aiden. I’ve been doing something similar more along the lines of fortnightly sprints across 90 days. Major companies use the ‘agile’ approach and that is because it works… and very effectively for teams too.

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      We use Sprint goals as a key part of our programming teams, they’re very effective!

  • Kirsten S  says:

    With what you shared, Aidan (and Steve), I feel I can finally devise a Planning System that will work for me in 2017. For that I thank you!

  • Abdulrahim  says:

    Thanks Aidan for the nice and brilliant Time planning. I will be implementing just the exact same strategies you explained in the video for my successful business in 2017 at the long run. Thanks for sharing your Amazing idea about Time planing. Happy new year 2017…🙋🙌🙌

  • Roy Harrison  says:

    Thanks Aidan, for the explanation of the Goal Setting example you are using. I found it very informative and appreciate the guidance given, amplified by your experiences. The sound was reasonably good but some interfearance was experienced which seemed to be a kind of echoing ?

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      Sorry about the echo Roy, not sure what happened, I think I may have had some issue with my mic..

  • Paul  says:

    Great plan just seems to be a lot of work probably that’s why I fail all the time

    • Aidan and Steve  says:

      It takes about an entire day to set up.. once every 90 days 🙂 It takes a lot of discipline for sure, but the time it saves me is huge compared to the time and energy it takes to set it all up.

  • Scott  says:

    Great video Aidan and gives a fresh perspective on planning. Many thanks for the
    resources and will certainly be grabbing a copy of The 12 Week Year.

    Keep up the great work!

  • tomer cohen  says:

    Great stuff Aiden,it seems like you really know how to maximize your productivity and manage your business!

  • Victoria  says:

    Happy New Year Aidan & Steve! Great strategy for time management and planning. This definitely compliments Steve’s advice to get something done everyday dammit, no matter how small it is. I’m so ready to implement this method and organize my life. Thanks Aidan!

  • Russell  says:

    Happy New year Aidan & Steve – all the best you both for an awesome 2017 and of course everyone following the 12 Day Giveaway. Thank you for this.

  • Russell  says:

    And I thought I was organised – Wow… thank you Aidan. I really liked the time blocks, I’ll be moving my home office to a quieter place.

  • Patrice  says:

    Love this! This idea I believe will help me from giving up on my goals mid year. Thank you so much for your guidance!

  • Jill Bray  says:

    Goals are fine, but looking after my adult daughter (and cat) without serious effects on me will be difficult, but, hey, what’s easy in life? Maybe I’ll find out this year!

  • Kim  says:

    Great – Can use this together will Trello – I schedule Mondays for Admin, and 1 -2 hours per day to continuous self Improvement/education

  • Tibs  says:

    Happy New Year to you and Steve and your families.
    And welcome to our world baby, it is a wonderful one.
    Thank you for your generosity in sharing the spreadsheet.
    This will stop me going around like a headless chicken!

  • Amy  says:

    Happy New Year Aidan and Steve. Thanks for the info Aidan. Very helpful.

  • Barbara George  says:

    Thank you, Aidan, for being so generous in demonstrating the practical application of this system. One of the best aspects of your approach, and Steve’s, is that it keeps the plan fresh. With a handwritten approach (there must be some other people who still do this), underestimating time for a task (or not achieving for whatever reason) leads to writing it again. Then it sits on more than one list, which drags the spirit down and feels like un-accomplishment. Ugh! With the spreadsheets or Trello, you adjust by just moving things around. Then the weekly scorecard with evaluation questions points to the correction.

  • Tammy  says:

    Thanks for the spreadsheet Aidan! I already use Google calendar and will implement this system for 2017. Looking forward to a great year! Happy New Year to you and Steve!

  • Rebecca M.  says:

    It is a very helpful stuff. I would like to implement it to my business. where can I get the download as you mentioned in the video?

  • Nick  says:

    Thanks Aidan, Great focus tools. Just one question about how often you rotate the 12 week period. ie do you just set one up next quarter or do you update a new 12 week period say, at the end of the month?
    I can see advantages to both. Wondering what you do?

  • Ali  says:

    Thanks, Aidan, it is such a helpful tool.

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